Sunday, July 13, 2014

Days 16 & 17
July 12 & 13, 2014

Our cabin at Wild Rose in Emigrant, Montana.

Ian can't get enough of fishing at our own trout-stocked pond in front of the cabin.


A brown trout caught by the owner's son.

Day 16
July 12 -- Spent all day in Yellowstone National Park

Howard Eaton Trail -- The Hoodoos - rock formations on Terrace Mountain. 

 The trail book warned that bears like to walk this path. We were still surprised to see real bear footprints right where we were hiking. Yes, my stress level went up a few notches.

At the Ranger station later that day, we found out that the prints were of a black bear not a grizzly.

Marmot siting or sitting:)

On the trail

After a hike in the hot sun, it's time to go to swimming in the Boiling River to cool off. Oh, no!  It was closed due to high water.

Next stop, the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces. 

This fox was walking along the road in Yellowstone, went poop and then ran off into the woods.

Yellowstone Grand Canyon with the Lower and Upper Falls.

The Yellowstone River -- the same river that flows right passed our cabin.

The Lower Falls with an iceberg still frozen.

Alex took a selfie. 

The 328 steps you had to walk down and then UP to get a beautiful view of the falls.

We were really on the lookout for bears today. We are getting bored of bison. Dave thought he saw a bear and yelled, but it was only a bison. Later on in the day, I saw a grizzly very far away. It was only a dot, but the other tourists insisted it was a grizzly.

Sunset from our front porch.  Ahhhh, this is the good life.
(If you look to the left you can see Ian fishing once again. This time in his pajamas.)

Day 17
July 13 -- Fishing, hiking, World Cup game, soccer practice, more fishing
Dave took the boys on a hike in the a.m., while I worked on my last graduate school paper, UGH!

Watching the World Cup game at The Sport in Livingston, Montana. I won the bet so each loved one owes me a chocolate bar and 20 push-ups. 

They were inspired by the game, so they decided to play a little football out back.

Ian waits for the cross.

 Alex heads it into the goal!

Oh yeah, we won!!!


  1. What a wonderful blog! Your photos are stunning. I hope you will bring warm weather with you. We are experiencing a "polar vortex 2"