Monday, July 7, 2014

Days 10 & 11
July 6 & 7, 2014
Rapid City & Hot Springs, South Dakota

Day 10 -- Outside Rapid City in Spearfish Canyon

76 Trail -- 1000 ft. straight up for 3/4 of a mile to Buzzard's Roost.

Roughlock Falls Trail

Town of Deadwood - very touristy

Saloon No. 10 - Where Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the 
back of the head 
while playing poker in 1876.

My first trip to a Cabela's. I figured go big!

After dinner at a great restaurant that used to be an old firehouse- The Firehouse Brewing Co. We saw Shakespeare in the Park. They performed Hamlet and we could not get the boys to leave early. They loved it!

Day 10 - July 7 - Left Rapid City and we are on our way to Hot Springs (still in South Dakota)
A very busy day....

Crazy Horse Memorial

Wind Cave

A herd of Bison with lots of calves on the side of the road in Wind Cave National Park. We turned and there they were. It was very cool!

Mammoth Site - Another amazing fossil site, but unlike Ashfall this one had animals such as the mammoth from the Ice Age. It was the site of a sinkhole that the animals fell into and couldn't get out of.

Mammoth skull called "Beauty."

Just so you can understand the size of the Columbian Mammoth.

Yes, there are hot springs in Hot Springs. We went to Evans Plunge which was originally built in 1890. The boys had a blast to say the least on the water slides and rope swings.

Church bell in Hot Springs as the sun sets.

Hot Springs has many of its buildings made of this red sandstone.

Waterfalls that lead to the Hot Springs in the middle of town.

Where we told the boys we would leave them if they misbehaved.

Wish us luck, we have our longest drive yet tomorrow -- 9 hours!

We are on our way to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

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  1. Two English teachers took their kids to see Hamlet while on vacation ... no way!