Friday, July 11, 2014

Days 14 & 15 
July 10 & 11, 2014

Day 14 -- July 10
Left Alta, Wyoming traveled through 
Yellowstone Park to our 
cabin rental in Emigrant, Montana

First roadside stop in Yellowstone-- We entered through the Western Entrance 
and saw Gibbon Falls.

Never play "tickle monster" when you are sitting on a rock cliff.

Our first fumarole -- an opening in the Earth's crust which emits steam and gases, perfect for Dave.

The Artists' Paintpots- colorful, bubbling mud puddles.

Iron oxide makes the rock red.

There is actually flying mud every time the Earth explodes and bubbles up.

The boys really wanted to be hit by the mud.

Yes, that is a huge bison walking down the road in Yellowstone towards our car.

Here's the close-up as he walked next to our car.

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

Day 15
July 11
As soon as the boys woke up, they were out fishing at our pond, which is steps away from our cabin. It was so nice to wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee and make breakfast. I had had enough of hotel rooms and eating out.

Mill Creek Falls Trail in Gallatin National Forest in Paradise Valley about 15 miles away from our cabin. There must have been a wildfire  in the recent past because all of the trees were barren and burned. The boys did great on this 5 mile hike that took us a little under 3 hours.

If we had dandelions like this in our yards, I don't think we would mind them.

Along the trail

Barren trees and big sky

Ian jumping over fallen trees.

Colorado Columbine

Passage Falls

The water was freezing, but what a beautiful pay-off.

Amidst a field of wildflowers.

Cool burnt tree along the creek.

We stopped for lunch at this amazing BBQ place in the tiny town of Emigrant called, Follow Yer' Nose BBQ; best BBQ and loaded potato salad I have ever had.

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  1. this all looks so amazing. noah and i were just going through your trip photos and posts! thank you for sharing!